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Mastercard PayPass Sticker

Compact card for easy contactless payment

For our current and future users Hipotekarna Bank and Crnogorski Telekom have prepared the latest hit in the world of contactless payment: Mastercard Premium PayPass Sticker, a payment card you can keep anywhere and carry around with no problems.

You can stick your Sticker card on any object you carry with you all the time, such as your mobile phone or key chain. That way you will always have enough money on you, free of any worries that come with carrying cash or a wallet.

Thanks to the advanced technology of PayPass contactless payment, payment of bills up to EUR 15 is done by leaning your card close to a POS terminal, with no PIN required.

Who it is for?

All Crnogorski Telekom users who open a Premium current account with Hipotekarna Bank may get a Mastercard Premium PayPass Sticker payment card.

You can get a Premium card if you are actively using any of Telekom services: Internet, landline, Extra TV, mobile phone (postpaid and prepaid) or Mobile Internet. To use a service “actively” means that it is active in both directions, i.e. it is not disconnected for reason of unpaid bills or some other reason.

Key benefits

  • electronic payment in the country and abroad with no commission or fees
  • quick PayPass contactless payment, with no PIN required for small purchases
  • numerous discounts and advantages for cardholders at Premium partners
  • payment in installments
At all Premium partners, in over 1.000 sales points across Montenegro, you can get discounts up to 25%, while purchases in up to 12 installments, without interest fee, can be made at establishments that the Bank has an agreement with for purchases in installments.

How it works?

Sticker card is used like any other payment card: on POS terminals and ATMs in the country and abroad, at all sales points carrying Mastercard logo, as well as for online purchases.

Transactions up to EUR 15 do not require a PIN. Instead, all you need to do is wave your Sticker card in front of a POS terminal enabled with PayPass technology for contactless payment. All transactions above EUR 15 require a PIN.

With this card you can pay your telephone bill at T-Centers and Hipotekarna Bank ATMs without any commission, and purchase your Telekom prepaid vouchers at Hipotekarna Bank ATMs.

If your card is lost/stolen in the country or abroad, please report it immediately at +382 19905 (available 24/7/365) or at our nearest branch.

How can you get it?

To become a user of Mastercard Premium PayPass Sticker, you need to be receiving your salary to an account with Hipotekarna Bank. Being a Crnogorski Telekom user and opening an account with Hipotekarna Bank is sufficient.

Mastercard Premium PayPass Sticker is an integral part of a Premium Smart package.

Applicable fees

Issuance of cardEUR 5.00
Monthly membership feeEUR 1.50
Payments at POS terminalsno commission

For installments purchases and any other information, please call Hipotekarna Bank Call center at 19905.

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