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VISA gift photo card

In addition to Visa Gift Card with a predefined message or a 20-character-long text defined by the user, we are also offering Visa Photo prepaid cards, where you choose the photograph to be shown at the front of the card.

The terms of use are identical to those for other Visa Gift cards, except for the issuance fee, which is EUR 8.00.

To facilitate and speed up the issuance of Visa Photo cards, you may start the order at home, using the application you’ll find by clickingthis link.

The application is easy to use:
  • select the background for the card
  • select a front photo from our gallery or upload a photo from your computer or Facebook profile (allowed formats are JPG, JPEG and PNG, 88x56mm in size, 300 DPI resolution, the file size not exceeding 10 MB)
  • modify the photo (scaling, turning, effects) and define the message in the card
  • add the card into your shopping cart
Once you have submitted you order, the Bank will reply whether the card design has been approved. After receiving the positive reply, you need to make the payment following the instructions that you will receive to your email. Following the payment, the card will be ready for you to pick it up within the next three days at the office you have selected in the application.
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