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For your first flight

Become a pilot or flight controller by receiving your training at SMATSA Aviation Academy

Eager to make it easier for young people to get the education they want and make their professional accomplishments possible, Hipotekarna Bank offers loans to future SMATSA Aviation Academy students under the following terms:


Amount of Loan:

up to €40,000.00

Repayment Term:

up to 96 months

Grace Period:

up to 2 years (payment of interest during the grace period)

Interest Rate:

 8% per annum


 0.5% paid as a one-off fee


  • Loan to Mortgage Ratio: 1:2
  • Credit standing: 1/2 of monthly salary to cover the annuity
  • Method of payment: As a lump sum, with the possibility to have 25% of the amount paid out in
  • Security: registration of a mortgage on real estate, bill of exchange signed by the beneficiary and by the guarantor
  • salary attachment for the loan beneficiary.


* A parent must be loan beneficiary, and the student is a guarantor.

* The parent must be receiving his salary via Hipotekarna Bank.

* Fees to be covered by the loan beneficiary: real estate valuation and insurance, notary public – authentication of security statement, mortgage registration, registration with the loan register (CCR), bill of exchange.


  • Amount of Loan: €40,000.00
  • Repayment Term: 96 months
  • Installment: €559.81
  • Grace Period: 2 years (payment of interest for the duration of grace period)
  • Interest rate: 8% per annum
  • Fee: 0.5% (EUR 200)
  • Bill of exchange: EUR 2, insight into the CCR EUR 3
  • EKS: 8.11%
  • Total amount of loan to be repaid: €59,918.38

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